Old emails appeared as new from over two months ago today.

We are running exchange 2003 and outlook 2003.  Today one of my users said that about 100 messages dated back about 2 months appeared in his inbox as unread.  He has already read these messages.  Why would they have reappearred two months later?
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SurajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What happens in OWA? Try to create a new profile for the user and monitor if this still happens..
I guess he is the only user having the issue right?
there could be some corruption in the mailbox....
you can try to move his mailbox to a different store and then move it back.... to the same old store... the resaon is.. when we move mailbox it leaves behind the corrupted items behind...
lemme know the results...

Use message tracking to confirm if they were put back in to the transport queue and delivered again.

Please clarify...have these emails been arrived as new unread messages or are they the old messages that have sat in the mailbox but have simply changed status from read to unread?
ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
It looks like they just changed status from read to unread because there are many that have been replied to or forward that are now bold as in unread.
It sounds like the same issue I have also experienced but not yet found a solution. I'll certainly post back if I find one.

The only thing I have been able to link to the issue is that it only seems to occur with BlackBerry users in our organisation. I've got no other insight beyond this, and some of the emails date back months which makes me doubt that it is a device sync issue.
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