Why does server say "LIcense Logging Service" is not running or \\Server.sss.int is not accessible.

I have a client with about 56 computers and about 48 to 50 users. The old I.T. guy said they purchased 50 licenses. They have two Servers and neither one has any licenses that I can tell. One is a domain controller and the other is an exchange server. I get the following when I go to Administrative tools - licensing. "License Logging Service" is not running or \\Server.sss.int is not accessible. This is that particular server.

Does anyone have any idea how they could be logging in if the licensing is not showing up?

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Because the license logging service has never been working correctly, Microsoft says that it can safely be disabled in most environments (SBS being an exception), and that the LLS is disabled by default in W2k3. You just have enough CALs to fulfill the EULA, they're not enforced.
Description of the License Logging Service in Windows Server operating systems
MS has a licensing service available on most servers. However, they don't enforce it in most instances. The licensing service is mostly there for your to do your own due diligence as to how many server licenses, or whatever, have been given out.  We don't use it since I keep track of all of that in a spreadsheet. However, if the service is running it keeps dinging in the even viewer about issues unless it's all been set up properly.  We got tired of seeing the logging messages so just turned off the licensing service.

Obviously I don't know of that's your situation or not, but it's very likely.

The License Service was always unreliable.  Probably why Microsoft removed it from Windows Server 2008.
The new Software Licensing service (SL) is pretty much bullet-proof.  It tracks product activation and KMS so M$ made sure it is bullet proof  :-).
I'm not aware of any apps that use SL yet, but I expect that future editions of SQL, Office and Exchange probably will.
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