WMI through VPN different domain to XP SP3 machines

I am trying to run some WMI queries on a clients computer running XP SP3 over a VPN.  The client is running an SBS2003 Domain which I have a Domain Admin account and full control of.  While trying to run queries is get an Access Denied error.  I know I am using the right credentials because the same command ran against the server returns the appropriate response.

I have already googled this and spend many of hours troubleshooting.  Below is a list of things that I have done.

I have modified the SBS Firewall GPO to allow remote administration (no i can run the query from the server)
I have Added my local subnet as well as * to the allowed list under the above selection.
I have granted the user the appropriate permissions within WMI
I have messed with the DCOM settings VIA a GPO

We do have another vpn to another client running XP SP2 and the queries work just fine.  Same devices.
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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you tried running this command on the workstation first?

Open a command prompt and type 'wmic'
Once completed, retry.
thecureisAuthor Commented:
I have not ran anything on the client PC's.  Everything has been done through group policy and forced using PSExec (a program which allows an admin to remotely run commands, such as gpupdate).  I will try this later tonight and let you know what happens.
thecureisAuthor Commented:
I attempted to run wmic through psexec and it just hung.  I will vnc to their pc during lunch and run the command.
thecureisAuthor Commented:
Running WMIC using PSexec from the server apparently worked.  On my previous test I had used the wrong password.

Points to you MarkMichael, I tip my hat.
Thank you, glad it worked :)
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