get mac address of DHCP clients

I have a windows server 2008 machine running as a DHCP server.

I want to get the mac address of my attached clients so that I can reserve them an ip address. You would think that you could right click on the client through the dhcp window and go to properties or something, but it does not appear as strait forward as that.

My question is what is the best way of getting the mac address of the attached clients without having to go to the physical machine itself. I obviously have the ip address.

Thanks in advance.
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it is the view you are using perhaps in the DHCP server MMC

Let the workstations get a DHCP address once for the first time. Then, at the Server, you can go to the DHCP Console and look under the 'Unique ID' column in the 'Address Leases'. This shows the PC's MAC address.

You can now, directly from that screen, right-click on Reservations and create a new one. This shows the New Reservation box, but keeps you on the same screen so you can copy the MAC address in.

N.B. If, as per my last comment, when you click 'Address Leases' you don't see a Unique ID column, go to View > Add/Remove Columns and ensure it is in the 'Displayed Columns' list.

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I really like this tool someone recommended on this forum earlier. I've been using it to gather all IP, MAC addr, and who is logged in to each workstation, without ever leaving my desk.

I don't understand why our other comments failed to receive any points?
talker2004Author Commented:
They were actually really great comments. I would have so split them up, however I believe that i issued the points before you guys actually submitted your comments.

Literally when i read his post i figured it out and immediately awarded the points. When i refreshed the page i seen all kinds of other comments.

As a matter of fact tigermatt, you would have gotten the most points. I really like your way of right clicking on the reservation object while it still allowed me to see the unique id.

Sorry about the mishap. I am usually really good about giving out appropriate points.

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