Help on Crystal Reports Usability - Dragging Formula Fields onto Report

I am hoping that perhaps there are some tricks that I dont know about Crystal that someone can help me with...

Basically, I have about 300 formula fields that need to be inserted onto my report.  As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to drag them one at a time onto the report.  As if this isn't annoying enough, every time I drag one onto the report, it refreshes the screen and sets me back up to the top of the formulas list.  Then I have to scroll down again and find the next one on the list to add to the report.  So, it is taking me FOREVER to get this done.  Any suggestions or is this just a flaw with Crystal?  Thanks!
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wykabryanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are working in the preview mode. There are two tabs on the top one called design and the other called preview. Any time you are working on the report, you should work in the design mode. The preview mode is set up for viewing and fine tuning the look of the report.

You can hold down the control key and select a number of formula and drag them all on to the report.
Have you tried high-lighting all of the fields and then drag them onto the report ?

trcannonAuthor Commented:
I'm working within VB.Net - Not sure if that makes a difference because I can preview the report, but that is not the tab that I am working in.  Also, when I hold down Ctrl (or shift for that matter) it still will only let me select one at a time.  Perhaps this is a version difference?  If anyone knows how I can do this in VB.Net 2008 that would be much appreciated.
trcannonAuthor Commented:
Actually - I opened it up in the standalone Crystal that was installed and that worked just as you said it would - thanks!
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