Blackberry Storm and BES opening attachemnts

I have a blackberry Storm which create videos in the 3GP video format.  If a co-worker takes a video on his storm and emails it to me and I try and open it, I get the error "This attachment type cannot be view on this device."  I can take my own videos, which are saved at 3GP files and open them without an issue.  I believe it has to be with out Blackberry Enterprise Server Attachment server.  Anyone have a fix?
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ahdfxAuthor Commented:
It is Blackberry Professional Software and it does not allow additional attachments to be added to the server.
Sounds like you need to configure the attachment server to forward the 3gp file extension.
That said, it may not be as simple as just adding the "*.3gp" string to the allowed attachments. IIRC, i had to do something similar with .wav attachments about 18 months (?) ago and the success of opening the attachments depended on the blackberry device having OS version 4.2 or above (at the time, just the new Pearls had it).  Of course, one would hope that since the device receiving the attachment can play these files by default, it would work.

I would try adding the .3gp extension to the attachment server and seeing what happens first off.
ahdfxAuthor Commented:
Do you know how to add the .3GP extension to BES 4.1.4?
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It sounds like you are getting the file from the email.  Did you try and save the .3gp file to your SD chip on your bb device before trying to open and playing it?  Also check out:
ahdfxAuthor Commented:
I do not have the option to save that attachment to the Card.  I also do not need to convert the video, as it was taken on another Storm.  I can transfer the file via the desktop manager, but my goal here is to open the video attachment from the email as I will be away from a computer a lot.

Anyone know how to add attachments to the BES attachment service?
ahdfxAuthor Commented:
I have seen that article.  DO you know how to:
2. Add the desired file extension to the Format Extensions line of the Connector Configuration.

I cannot figure out how to add the extension.

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