How to restore Windows Vista system fonts?

I have installed a pack of fonts and they messed up Vista system fonts. Programs have weird tiny fonts. How do I restore Vista system fonts?
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IdoGolanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This article will guide you throughout the restoration.

If after you've done that, you still have a problem, i have found another solution:

After running SFC /SCANNOW, the second thing to do is go to Control Panel\Fonts. The fonts have been restored, but are technically unregistered, which is why if you deleted verdana.ttf, it doesn't show up even though it has been restored.

Right click anywhere in the folder, and click Install Font.

Select C:\Windows\Fonts (or the equivalent) as the folder. Click Select All, then click Install. All the fonts will be copied back onto themselves and be registered in the process.

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