Windows SBS 2003 User only has 1GB limit?

I have a new domain user on a new sbs server , he only has 1gb space limit on a share , how can I add more space ?
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Hello cap7,

by default, the drive where the users shared folders are located on have a quota of 1GB.
Just look where the 'users' share (Users shared folder) is located, right click the DRIVE-letter and click the 'quota' tab.
There you will see the drive quota. You can make it bigger, or you could disable it.


this is a limit on the drive caused by quota's it sounds like...... On the server go to mycomputer right click on the drive that the share is physically on and adjust the quota management..
Note that quotas are per drive.  So if someone has a quota of 1GB on a drive, and you have both private and public shares on that drive, they will be limited to 1GB of data on the public and private shares combined.
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