Need Help Setting up Wireless AP with VLANS

I have two US Robotics Pro Access Points. They support Guest Access on a seperate VLAN from the main network but I am having a problem setting it up. For reference if anyone wants to look at the users manuls they can be found here.

The Access Point is a USR5453 and my switch is a Linksys SRW2048

Here is what I am doing.

1. On the Switch I go to VLAN Management > Create VLAN
2. Then I create two VLAN's one for guest network another for internal network there is already a VLAN of 1 that is the default and cannot be changed.
3. Then I go to port settings and change the mode type from Access to General on two ports one that the AP is connected to and the other that my computer is connected to. I figure I have to do this or my computer wont see the AP on the Internal VLAN.
I leave Acceptable frame type set to Admit All.
I leave PVID set to 1
I leave Ingress Filtering Checked
4. Then I go to Ports to VLAN and I Set Both ports to be Tagged for Both VLANs.

Then on my AP I set it to use Guest Access and to use VLAN 2 for internal and VLAN 3 for guest access and click on update but then I loose contact with the AP and I have to reset it.

Can anyone help, thanks
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motley74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unless I am missing something in your post I believe your issue has something to do with trying to use VLAN ids 2 and 3 and your switch is setup with VLAN id 1.
The VLAN ids have to match on the switch and router.  VLAN id 1 which is the default VLAN id should be used for one network and you should assign a second VLAN id for the other network.
Also you should make sure that you are only tagging the ports that are used to connect the switch and router together.  If you tag the ports that your computers are connected to then your network adapter will have to support VLAN tagging and the adapter will have to be setup with tha VLAN id to use.
dustinwkAuthor Commented:
The reason I created two VLAN's (2 and 3) is that VLAN 1 is the default VLAN and cannot be changed nor can any of its settings be changed. The AP documentation says that I need to connect it to a switch port that is Tagged. However I cannot set VLAN 1 As Tagged or at least I dont think I can.

So I was under the impression that what I would have to do is move everything from the default VLAN1 to a new VLAN which I have Control over VLAN2 and then I would use VLAN3 for the Guest NIC. Perhaps this is wrong.

I did at first just create VLAN2 for the guest network but when setting the AP to VLAN1 for the internal NIC I still lost connection to the AP. Thats when I noticed that VLAN1 Cant be changed and that the guide said it needed to be Tagged.

The guide also said that my DHCP needed to support VLAN's. I don't know if it does or not. I am using Server 2003 R2.

Also you said someting about my router. I did not set up or change any settings on my router in reguard to VLAN's. I'm not even sure if it support's them. I thought because I was going from one port on the switch to another port that I would not be going through my router. In other words I am not going from one switch to another switch or anything.

My router is an AdTran NetVanta 3430

Thanks for the info so far I will try again with VLAN1 and VLAN2 And I will not Tag the Port my computer is in.
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