Problem with SMTPreg scripts

We have upgraded our servers from 2003 to 2008 64Bit. When I run the instal script with is below I get a Type Mismatch error for this line of code

     Set GetBindings = oSource.GetBindingManager.Bindings(catidEventType)

cscript SMTPreg.vbs /add 2 OnArrival SMTPScriptingHost CDO.SS_SMTPOnArrivalSink "mail from=*"
cscript SMTPreg.vbs /setprop 2 OnArrival SMTPScriptingHost Sink ScriptName "D:\Mail\mailjobs\onarrival.vbs"

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cj_1969Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out this page ... they appear to be doing what you are trying to do.

One question, from looking at their config and instructions ... is the drive and path to the .vbs file in the second command correct?  This is the only thing that I see that might be causing a problem.
Was the old server a 32 bit?
If you are migrating from a 32 bit to a 64 bit then I don't know if the registry settings are going to import this way.  
On a 64 bit machine, it will run 32 bit code but it is in a compatibility mode.  The registry and its settings are set up to handle 64 bit applications as the default.  
You might need to modify your files to change the registry paths they are referencing to make a 32 bit reference work on a 64 bit machine.
julianpointerAuthor Commented:
Yes the old server was 32bit... I dont think registry setting are the problem... we didnt move any over.

Has anybody used smtpreg.vbs on a 64bit 2008 server?
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