error occured while contacting the global catalog

I can not create users in my active directory, I am using replication on two servers "well I inherited the setup so I am not sure what was done here" and when I try to create a user the following error appears :

Windows cannot verify that the user name is unique because the following error occured while contacting the global catalog: A local error has occured
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http:// thevpn.guruAsked:
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Chris HudsonConnect With a Mentor Cloud Security ArchitectCommented:
It looks like the 2nd DC cannot contact GC.
1)Check whether replication is fine or not
If replication is fine,get a Netmon trace and filter "tcp.port==3268" and see whether any drops or resets are there

Is your Global Catalog Server online Check your FSMO roles to see what role lies on what server.. This would be a great starting place.
http:// thevpn.guruAuthor Commented:
Hmm.. how to chekc those ?
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Mike KlineCommented:
Have you tried to create the user on both domain controllers?  Is it just one DC or both DCs that are giving you this error message?
To quickly tell what boxes are the GC's run
dsquery server -forest -isgc
Is the box you are getting this error on a GC?
Check FSMO roles by using "netdom query fsmo".  It may also be that your RID (Reflexive ID) Master is not working.  This is one of the five FSMO roles assigned to DCs.
Chris HudsonCloud Security ArchitectCommented:
First make sure that there is one GC available.To check whether Ur Dc is really acting as GC there are 2 tests.
1) Run ldp >Connect to Ur DC.
    on right hand side of Ur ldp window,U will Global Catalgue Readt: true/false
2)Run ldp and try to connect to the GC port 3268 of Ur DC

If your DC is working as GC ,check the GC srv record are there in DC or not.
If you cannot connect to the GC port via ldp,eventhough the check mark is there in dssite.msc,ntds settings property of DC,check the "Directory Services"  events.If you don't have a GC in Ur domain ,please configure one Dc as GC.The domain naming master shud be a GC.There are some scenarios where GC promotion will fail if there are some orphan domains,in that case do a metadata cleanup to remove orphan domain and promote the DC as GC.While you promote the DC as GC,make sure that U get the event id "1119" in Directory service log
http:// thevpn.guruAuthor Commented:
This command dsquery server -forest -isgc
Shows both servers :

C:\Documents and Settings\Techsupport>dsquery server -forest -isgc

I can create users on the first server but not on the second
Mike KlineCommented:
run a dcdiag and repadmin /showreps on your 2nd DC that is having issues.
Can you post those results if possible?
http:// thevpn.guruAuthor Commented:
Will check and get back to you..sory for the delay.
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