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Please help identify expansion slots

I read the manual for my Dell GX280 to find out what type of graphics card I needed to buy.  From what I read, it said that I could use a PCI Express x16, which I bought from Tiger Direct ( http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?Sku=G458-1018 ).  However, when I went to install it, it doesn't fit anywhere, or at least, maybe I don't see how it will fit.  I think their documentation is wrong.

I'm attaching a pic of the only two slots available (white and green).  Could someone identify what they are so that I can figure out what graphics card to get?  I need to get some type of tv out graphics card so that I can finish setting up my PVR (mythdora).

Thanks for any help.
1 Solution
the white one is a PCI slot

 The Brown w/ green is an AGP I believe....
Well, the brown slot is an AGP slot, which is a video card specific slot.  The white slot could be a PCI-E 16x slot, but it is hard to tell.  It should say in writing on the board next to the slot what it is.

Putting that aside, I think you should probably just look into an AGP card.
Yes, the brown is AGP.  The green thing surrounding the slot is an AGP retainer.

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The Brown/Green slot is an AGP slot.  You need to buy an AGP graphics card.

The white slot is a standard PCI slot (not PCI Express)
exactly like i said in the first post.. thanks guys  haha
Others are correct, it is an AGP slot --- either AGP 4X or AGP 8X. In either case, an AGP 8X card will work.

The white slot is a standard PCI slot.
Interestingly, the documentation on Dell's site for all 5 of the Optiplex GX280 versions [Small Form Factor; Small Desktop Computer; Desktop Computer; Small Mini-Tower; and Mini-Tower] shows that this system has a PCIe x16 slot => but your picture clearly shows an AGP slot !!  (fyi, the slot is an x4/x8 slot, as identified by the single key location)

This would be a good choice for a video card:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130452

Note there are many higher-powered video cards that would work in the AGP slot; but they generally require an additional power connection; and the GX280 has a very low-rated power supply (between 160 and 305w, depending on which model you have).   The higher-rated video cards generally recommend power supplies of at least 400w or higher ... in some cases even more.  [For example, this very-nice card requires a 550w power supply:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102814 ]

1i111i1Author Commented:
Wow, I didn't expect that many responses so quickly.  This specific answer not only answered my question, it also pointed me in the correct direction on a card for my board.  Thank you to everyone who responded.

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