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Sonicwall Tz190 overlap subnet on WAN interface

I have problems with my Sonicwall Tz190W for over 2 weeks that drive me nuts.
I have for over one year two External IP from my ISP provider and it work fine until last week.
The reason I have two IP is that one is for the WAN interface that redirect port 80 to my IIS server and port 25 to my Exchange server. The second IP on the OPT interface redirect port 80
another IIS server that run a Kaseya server. I did need a third IP for my VOIP ata so I order an extra one from my ISP and get it to work for a week fine. After a week the IP has change for the first time in over 6 months and at the same time I did a firmaware upgrade on my sonicwall. Since then I can't get both IP at the same time on both interface. I get only one at the time or if I get the second one then it keep coming and go ever second. On the logs I see the following message: Network for interface OPT overlaps with another interface.
Now if i try to enter teh IP manually I get an error about the Subnet on this interface overlaps with another interface.
I spend almost a week on the phone adn onsite with my ISP provider and they can't figure it out.
I have the filling that has something to do with the ISP but the firmaware upgrade could also have something to do. The reason it drive me crazy is that I try to eliminate the sonicwall firmware by loading 3 diferent firmware version with same results and I also eliminate the ISP by attaching 3 diferent computers adn geting 3 diferent stable IP.
What else I should look at.
1 Solution
InfedoAuthor Commented:
The IP and gateway was on the same range.
I clone a diferent MAC adress adn obtain a diferent IP and it work now
I have the same problem. My ISP gave me 5 IP in the same range and subnet. I don't know how use all in the same sonicwall
I don't think you can't use more than 2 if you have the TZ 190. One goes on the WAN and one goes on the OPT. If you have 2 on the same range then grab a diferent mac from another router or change a little the number on the original one until it grab somthing on a diferent range. I use 3 by adding 2 to the sonicwall and one to a second router on the same subnet as the sonicwall

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