Lost internet connection after virus infection

I multiple computers that I have encountered lately that are infected with numerous trojans. THe problem I am having is that after the clean up is done. I still have no internet. The adapter is connected, but no live activity. I have already checked for a back web registry entry, but there is none.
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TDKDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the Tool PuterGeeks
Hi PuterGeeks,

If you are obtaining a IP from your router, and are only sending packets but not receiving them, it is most likely that your Winsock layer has become corrupt. The Winsock layer is the application layer for your network cards, if it doesn't work properly then it does not understand how to interpret TCP/IP data (among other).

Here is a tool that will repair the Winsock layer and restore your network card:-) I am unable to post exe files here so save this file as is and rename it from txt to exe, then run it.
Did you try to reset your router's configuration or re-enter your connection's credentials ?
Can you ping from cmd web sites ?
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