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cygwin file permissions 11th bit

while viewing file permissions on my Windows system with Cygwin, I noticed some files like this:

-rwx------+ 1 User None 3597709 Feb  9 20:37 file1
-rwx------  1 User None 4141225 Feb  9 21:19 file2
-rwx------+ 1 User None 3588941 Feb  9 20:37 file3

what does that + sign represent at the end of each line, and how would I set file2 to have a + at the end of it? I've never seen anyone talk about that 11th bit before, so I'd like to know more about it, and how to set it.
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1 Solution
Have you set ACL on these files?
texasreddogAuthor Commented:
not sure how to set ACL through Cygwin. I tried setacl, and that doesn't exist in my Cygwin install.
From the cygwin doco for ls

     For a file with an extended access control list, a `+' character is
     listed.  Basic access control lists are equivalent to the
     permissions listed, and are not considered an alternate access

texasreddogAuthor Commented:
can I set a file to have an extended access control list in Cygwin, so it will show the + symbol? if so, how can I do that with setfacl?
texasreddogAuthor Commented:
figured out how to do this...thanks!

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