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Difference between Oracle's date formatted as "ww" and Access' formatted as "ww"?

I have a query in which I convert a date to it's week of the year "ww".  When I am writting the code to run directly on the Oracle Tables I use:

To_Char(To_Date("Some_Date",'MM/DD/YYYY'),'WW') as WkOfYear

In Access I am doing this:
Format(qryTemp_Data!Some_Date,"ww") AS WkOfYear

What I have found is that for the 4th of February, Oracle says it is the 5th week, but Access says it is the 6th.  I know that the 5th of February would actually be the true 6th week, and Oracle changes to the 6th week on that day, but I am curious what each looks at and is there a way to make it so that the full "Work Week" is the same in Oracle and not split up?
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2 Solutions
Probably access is giving ou the week of the year based on the ISO standard, where a week always begin on monday.
You can get that result in oracle by the following query.

SQL> select to_char(to_date('20090204','yyyymmdd'), 'Iw') from dual;


The 'WW' format in oracle counts the week numbers from the first day of the year.

SQL> select to_char(to_date('20090204','yyyymmdd'), 'ww') from dual;

Ivo StoykovCommented:
this is because of the standard used
to achieve same result as in access you should use another formatter - ISO - then  4th feb is in 6th week

select To_Char(To_Date('02/04/2009','MM/DD/YYYY'),'IW') as WkOfYear from dual

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rgn2121Author Commented:
I tried this and it is giving me an error...ORA-01858 - Non Numeric Character
To_Char(To_Date("Some_Date",'yyyymmdd'),'lw') as FLT_WEEK

Some date is one of the fields of an inner query....
rgn2121Author Commented:
Okay...it was an " i " and not an " L "...That was the issue...  Thanks
rgn2121Author Commented:
I gave most of the points to sujith80 since he had the right solution, I just couldn't tell if it was an " i " or an " L ".  Thanks to both!

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