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SQL Helper class?

Could you tell me what exactly is this SQL Helper class?
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Anurag AgarwalPython DeveloperCommented:
SQL Helper class is a wrapper over ADO.NET objects & functions. It provides a wrapper functionality over basic ado.net objects (SQLConnection, SQLCommand, Datareader etc) for retreiving & saving the data into database.
Microsoft provides one sql helper class in the form of Micosoft Application Block.
Please follow the below link.....It is very USeful

The SqlHelper class contains static methods that facilitate the execution of common data access tasks, including:

    * Calling stored procedures or SQL text commands,
    * Specifying parameter details, and
    * Returning SqlDataReader, DataSet, XmlReader objects, or single values.

SqlHelper is part of the Data Access Application Block provided free by Microsoft and using the Data Access Application Block will speed your application development by encapsulating the code required to execute stored procedures or SQL text commands, specify parameters and return SqlDataReader, DataSet, XmlReader objects. Because the Data Access Block was developed using the latest best practices, you can be confident that your code will be efficient and scalable.

Using the Data Access Application Block frees us from the tedious details of data access and allows us to concentrate on the important business logic in our applications. It also reduces the amount of code we must write, which leads not only to quicker development times, but reduced errors, bugs, and typos as well.
boneythomasAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your help

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