How to store Oracle DBF files in STorage Using SAN?

Here is the scenario
Oracle server contains only Server Binaries only, and the Database files i.e dbf,ctl etc.. to be stored in storage using SAN
how the above scenario work, what is the procedure, how to go about it?

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Should be a simple case of attaching the Oracle server to the SAN (you dont say what hardware is involved so cant be much more specific)

Present a LUN on the SAN to the Oracle server (via your SAN management tools, again depends on what you have)

Point the Oracle install at that LUN and tell Oracle to store its databases there

You will, of course, need to ensure you have a good backup regime as simply putting files on a SAN doesnt guarantee their data!

it is advisable to put Oracle binaries on local disks of your server and put the data files on SAN disks.
umesh4expAuthor Commented:
logical unit number or LUN
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