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I installed Windows Small Business Server 2003 and was able to setup all the network connections well and I was able to access my exchange mail box from client machine till yesterday. But don't know why, when I am trying to connect to exchange mail box today, at first it didn't connected to server. Then I opened Internet Explorer and entered http://<servername>/ConnectComputer and system didn't recognize it (Google search engine opened which is my default search engine). But in network, I am able to see my shared folders and able to access them even. I even could able to ping my server. When I went to server, IIS is also working fine but when I tried to open my internal website, I am getting an error message page not available. mycompanyweb is not available.
When I tried to reconfigure Internet and Email settings, I am getting error at Network configuration.
Can anyone suggest me what could be the problem please !!!!!

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You need to look at the log for the Configure Internet and Email wizard and see why it is failing. The wizard should pass correctly every time.

Another option would be to run the SBS Best Practises tool on the server, but that will flag that the wizard didn't complete correctly as well.

murali_crishAuthor Commented:
could you please tell me where to check that log file. I am totally new to this environment. By the way after some research I got to know that SBS 2003 should have 2 network adapters and only then we can use windows firewall settings otherwise we got to go for router firewall settings. I am getting error at firewall configuration step of the wizard. When I tried to do it manually by going to control panel windows firewall, I am getting an error message as "some other service is sharing Ipnat.sys cannot open firewall settings"

I haven't got an SBS Server to hand...
It is something like
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Support\icwlog.txt

You don't have to use two NICs with SBS, while SBS likes to use that, you can use SBS with just a single NIC. That is what I have done with my SBS server deployments. I prefer to use a router to protect the server.

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