Generating Report of All Mailboxes with IssueWarning, ProhibitSendandReceive

Hi Experts
I was reading the following URL, where its shown how to get Exchange to email you a report of all mailboxes along with their TotalItemSize. But I couldn't understand it much.
I would like Exchange to send me a mail periodically, giving details about all mailboxes receiving the IssueWarning, ProhibitSendandReceive, ProbitSend, TotalItemSize.

Thanks & Regards
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Hi Ali,
As discussed earlier, you already have the commands for getting the output. All you need to do is schedule them. Refer:
Let me know
Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
use monitoring and reporting tool to get the report for exchange mail boxes....its in server management....
aliomarbAuthor Commented:
Been out of office for training purpose. Will let you know once I return back to office and try it out. Thanks Anyway.
Sure :-)
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