Sendmail Error: Address <user> unsafe for mailing to programs

I am using sendmail to forward e-mail into a perl script using procmail.
I have just up graded to a new machine running sendmail version 8 and get the error above and am struggling with the tightened security.
.forward file 
|exec /usr/bin/procmail
.procmailrc file
# Take copies of all incoming mail into the archive file
:0 c
# This is the normal mail handler
* ^From.*
| /home/sysadmin/procmail/rewrite forward
# This recipe forwards any mail to "alert" if it does not come from
! alert

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jar3817Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems like it should, but I'm not positive. But now you're able to send to non-root users and have it piped into procmail?
You can't forward to any old program, it's a security hazard, and sendmail has a restricted shell. You have to put the program in the directory that this restricted shell allows.

Typically it's something like /etc/smrsh
...additional thought:

check out the man page for smrsh it'll explain all of this and tell you where the scripts should go (default is /etc/smrsh)
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inscribble82Author Commented:
there is a symbolic link from /etc/smrsh to /usr/bin/procmail.

I have duplicated the configuration for root and it works OK.
jar3817Commented: do the permissions look?
inscribble82Author Commented:
I have made some progress on this in that I can make it work for any user by adding

While this works, shouldn't adding the user to TrustedUsers have the same effect?
inscribble82Author Commented:
Although I would like to understand what is actually causing the problem (presumably the permissions on one particular file). Needs must! and I must move on to the next crisis in my day!

Ho Hum!

Many thanks for your help.
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