Auto deployment og EAR in Weblogic 10


I want to auto deploy my application in WebLogic 10 in development env.
Here is my setup:
EAR (exploded form)
         | - classes
          | - REDEPLOY
          | - application.xml

I modified the class file and compiled it through ant task (compiled class copied to APP-INF/classes). Then touched the REDEPLOY file to change the timestamp.
But it doesn't redeploys the application.
As per Bea manual, this should be enough to redeploy the application ('')

Can somebody patch in and help me in this.

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is that app autodeployed, the doc seems to imply it may need to be.
Mandar1105Author Commented:
The application is not auto deployed. The application is deployed normally through invoking startweblogic.cmd. But to reduce time taken by server start, I want auto deployment to be in place for further code changes.
I feel, at least first time we need to start server through startweblogic.cmd or similar ways. Then instead of stopping and starting app server for every small change, we can have auto deployment in place.
the doco could be interpreted that the REDEPLOY file only works for autodeployed apps.

If the app isn't originally auto deployed the appserver won't auto REdeploy it.

Weblgoic makes an ant task that deploys/redeploys.  You could try using that - just run the ant task when you want to redeploy.  
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