How do I force document retention settings on sharp mx-3500n with no user override after user has installed driver

The objective is to cut down the amount of wasted printed paper we have.  To do this we want to set document retention as default settings on the printer driver that the users can not override.
The two issues we have are
1) the users printer drivers were installed without document retention setting being the default, now we have set it, that setting is not being picked up by the users without re-installing the driver.  Is there an automated way to do this?
2) how can we stop the user overriding this and removing the retention setting when they print?

Thanks in advance
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TheSelfAuthor Commented:
Alas it appears there  no solution for my issues.  I am ltherefore eft with re-installing the drivers and am unable to lock down the printers rentention settings.
1. not really, you need to reinstall the driver, you could do that through logon scripts or group policies, however.
2. not without editing the driver cab files
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