POP3 access

I want to setup POP3 server on exchange server 2003. I have done following

1. Started POP3 service on Exchange 2003 server
2. started IMAP4 Server on Exchange 2003 server
3. On POP3 which is my exchange server I have checked by typing on
    command prompt telnet localhost 110 reply was +ok Microsoft exchange
     server 2003 pop3 server version 6.5.7638.1 ready

Kindly guide me to the next step. I am enclosing my pix config. If any changes needed at pix side.
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you have question in the wrong zone, I wouldnt be the best person to suggest the CISCO config.

Could you post this question in the cisco zone?
Do you have Secure POP3 enabled? if you need pop3 access from outside your network then ensure you have the necessary ports open
lotusboyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sandeep. No I dont have secure POP3 enabled. But I want to do that in process. Please guide me how to open all ports. I am weak at PIX CLI. I can type on my PIX CLI.  Please have look to my config and let me know what will be the commands. Config is enclosed.

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