Contact us - email link on website problem

If you access the site and go to the contact us area, by clicking on the email link I get an email form up on screen as expected
However, others are finding that they get requests to set up Outlook.
I'm using IE8, but have tested in Firefox and Safari and found the same problem.
Any ideas please?

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the mailto: link functions at the client computer and will use the client's default email client to send an email. If the user has their default email client improperly set - they will be prompted with a wizard to set up an email account.

Because you cannot control how a client computer may react when clicking a mailto: link - it is a generally accepted pratice to use a contact us form on your website so that your website visitors can simply fill out a form and you don't have to worry about how their email client is setup.

Also - there are website scanning tools out there which will look at websites for mailto: links and add the email addresses in those links to spaming lists. Having a form can reduce the amount of spam that you will receive.
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