How to backup MS SQL 2005 databases using ntbackup

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Is is possible to backup MS Windows 2003 operating system with MS SQL 2005 databases using NTBackup tool without losing consistency of SQL databases? Is starting SQL Writer service (to make use of VSS feature) on a database server enough to perform this or there is something more to be done? Or maybe it is not recommended to perform SQL databases backup this way and the most reliable way is to backup databases to some share using Maintenance Plan?

Thanks a lot in advance for advices.

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Raja Jegan RConnect With a Mentor SQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
Yes you can.. Please find more detailed information about it below:

Complete details and steps are mentioned over here..
first create a backup in sql

Run SQL Server Enterprise Manager
Drill down and find Database Maintenance Plans
Right click to create a new Maintenance Plan
Follow the wizard, it will guide you. just answer the questions its asking

then NT backup can backup the sql backup file if you wish

but you should realy look into drive imaging ( free)
imgadminAuthor Commented:
funnymanmike, thank you for response. I know this solution. It requires to backup SQL databases to bak files stored on some share + backup filesystem and above bak files to some backup media. I would prefer to use vss functionality and backup filesystem + databases with one shot using NTBackup but I'm not sure if it is possible...
imgadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for response. I will start with deploying new backup infrastructure and will use sql backup agent.
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