Autoplay on mapped network drive????

I have one Windows XP SP3 computer that is doing something very strange.  The user has a mapped network drive (S:) to a network location.  When she tries to access that drive by double-clicking on it through My Computer, it wants to do an AutoPlay, so it gives the AutoPlay menu.  If I right-click on the drive, the first option (the default) is AutoPlay and the next 2 options are written in like hyerglyphics or something...just a bunch of different symbols put's very strange (see attachment).  Then I have Search, Disconnect, and other normal options.  If I click on the first screwed up option, the drive actually opens in a new window.  

Any ideas why this is happening?

Casey Maines
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
Look for an Autorun.inf on the mapped drive, and if found, delete it.  These are sometimes put on hard disks by viruses or other malware.  The file may be hidden, so make sure that the option in for showing hidden files and folders is turned on in Control Panel -> FolderOptions -> View tab.
npc_caseymAuthor Commented:
That did it!  Thanks a lot!

The screwy-looking text also fixed itself when I deleted the autorun files.

Thanks again,
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