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Is it possible in Exchange to force user to create an email signature and impose restricted footer at the end of the signature ie Company Logo that user can not change, but we have rights to change the footer?

Our current Exchange environment is 4 node Cluster environment (Active/Passive) held centerally in the our head office.

I'm not sure it this can be done but I really would appreciate any help on this issue


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milindnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are several tools available in market which will add the desired disclaimer and footers to every outgoing email from your exchange organization. However you can not restrict the users from creating individual signatures unless you enforce it using group policy objects. Usually, disclaimer software are installed on front end boxes though they can also be on back end server. reading the release notes for each of them would be helpful.
Again, adding company logo to the outgoing emails is a kind of dispute among the community. You can read a little more about it at

Read for more details.

Natively? No.
You will need to use a third party tool. I usually suggest Exclaimer. It can built the full signature on the fly, and when I have used it I have disabled signature support in Outlook using group policy.

Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
With this tool would I be able to keep on change the footer brand as we probably need to change it every 6 months?
Yes you can,
As the signature is server side, you change when you like.
It applies to everything - OWA, Outlook, Exchange ActiveSync, Blackberry, whatever is used, as long as it passes through Exchange it will have the banner.
Plus you can have different signatures for different people, so internal messages do not need to have everything on them for example.

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