Moving Company Contacts off Exchange Server

My company has purchased a new CRM application which we will be using to handle all of our marketing and CRM needs. Currently, our Company contacts are located in a public folder on our Exchange 2003 SP2 Server. The CRM application we use has an application that runs both in Outlook and the taskbar which allows for the searching of contacts located in the application. There are contacts currently located in the CRM which are not in the public folder contacts, and vice-versa. Our end goal is to consolidate and dedulpicate all company contacts.

Besides not being available via Outlook Web Access, what are some repurcussions and other things I need to be aware of, with moving these contacts off of Exchange?

Additionally, I will be migrating over to Exchange 2007 within a year's time.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OWA is probably the major thing. Very little else will be affected if there is an Outlook connection available. You would also lose distribution lists, but the CRM should replace that functionality.

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