Paging a Gridview, Pathing Problems?

I have the following structure for my site:


Within the root directory I hold all the generic pages and when a user logs in I redirect to the customers page eg:


Where the customer may have some specific content which cannot be used by everyone.

The problem I have just encounterd is when I enable paging on the report and I select the page It gives me an Error 404 as it's looking for:


I have a rather unique website as I am using UFrame :

Which pulls in exteral pages and wraps them into Div Tags. Perhaps this is the issue, but I just wanted to confirm if anyone might know why paging on a gridview may try and point to the root location.

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Paging on a gridview should post back to itself.  Something like:

<a href="javascript:__doPostBack('GridView1','Page$2')">2</a>

It probably has something to do with the UFrame.  You could try setting the <base href='/customer"> in the report1 page and see if it changes anything.
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