Is there an FTP Server with email notifications and a web-based client?

Does anyone know of a reasonably priced Windows based FTP solution that meets the following requirements?
1) Provides email notifications when a file is uploaded to multiple email addresses.
2) Has a web-based client so that the end user will not need an FTP client on their end.
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dereck2008Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The solution could be:
1 - A regular FTP server
2 - A Web based FTP applet with redirect after upload
3 - A simple email PHP script called by the applet (on redirect).

For #2, you can check out JFileUpload:

For #3, you have a PHP email sample at:

And for #1, you can use any FTP server: PUREFTPd, Titan FTP server ...
jerminateAuthor Commented:
Great advice!  I was looking at canned solutions that are very exprensive - this should do the trick nicely!
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