Help with ArcServe error

We are using ArcServe r11.1 sp2.  In the past 10 days, we have received this error twice: "E1027 Failed to Contact Tape Server a7."  When this happens, the backup job for that day fails.  Rebooting the server fixes the problem, but I am looking for a more viable solution.  I looked at a knowledge base of ArcServe error codes, but this one was not listed.

Can anyone help?

Thank you.
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This error typically indicates that you have a bad media or that you are using a drive that has not been certified by Computer Associates

Is arcserve on Windows or Netware?

Do attach the logs for more insight
Sai Prasad KinneraSupport Delivery ManagerCommented:
attach the activity log(brightstor.log) here so that i can help you out.
LionelR2D2Author Commented:
That is exactly what it was: a bad tape.

Thank you.
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