How to add an row to a Infragistics Ultra Grid

How can i add a row to the SSUltraGrid with the data i want to

Couldnt find a way to do this, i'm using visual basic 6 btw

i want to add some data in the grid if the recordset wich populate the grid is empty
Private Sub GridIrmao_InitializeLayout(ByVal Context As UltraGrid.Constants_Context, ByVal Layout As UltraGrid.SSLayout)
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns.Add ("Sim/Não")
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns(0).Activation = ssActivationActivateNoEdit
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns(1).Activation = ssActivationActivateNoEdit
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns(2).Activation = ssActivationActivateNoEdit
    GridIrmao.Override.CellClickAction = ssClickActionCellSelect
End Sub
Private Sub GridIrmao_InitializeRow(ByVal Context As UltraGrid.Constants_Context, ByVal Row As UltraGrid.SSRow, ByVal ReInitialize As Boolean)
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns("Sim/Não").Style = ssStyleCheckBox
    GridIrmao.Bands(0).Columns("Sim/Não").dataType = ssDataTypeBoolean
End Sub

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ShidarthaAuthor Commented:
i did a new rs to populate the grid as i wanted

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