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remove hard disk from mirror while windows is running

I have a server with 2 hard disks which are mirrored. Its a hardware mirror. They are not mirrored through Windows Server 2003.

Can I remove any of the two hard disks while Windows is running?
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Yes...if it is a hardware mirror, it is built for sudden "failures".

However, I would be very careful removing any drives that aren't in a "hot pluggable" array...electricity is painful
AJKBOCAuthor Commented:
The server is an X4150 http://www.sun.com/servers/x64/x4150/

Thanks for the reply. For discussions sake, do you know how the system works? I thought that the server boots from one hard disk, and simply replicates on the other. So if I pulled the disk that the system booted, the whole thing would just crash.

Put in the most simplest terms, yes this is how data is mirrored to another drive.

However,in your case as it is a hardware raid, windows is transparent to thee fact that you have two drives, and it only sees one of them. The hardware controller manages data flow to both disks and in the even of a failure switches to the second disk in fractions of a second. Windows at this point is still transparent to the fact that there has been a failure.

In regards to read and wrote operations, these are cached on the raid hardware controller, and therefore again you don't lose any read/write operations that winosws might have been doing.

Hope this clarifies a bit more for you

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