Application Needed to Index Multiple, Large PSTs

have two separate staff members with many pst's. One has 30 + and the other 60+.  These are backups dating back to 2000.  I am getting multiple requests to locate email correspondence on different levels ranging from attachment emails, specific addresses, and even for emails that start with the letter "k"!?!  I have used Google Desktop Search and added each PST.  This crashed each time used.  Same with Windows Search on different workstation.  The mail problem is that Outlook 2007 cannot handle all the databases at one time and it constantly crashes.  I am looking for an application that can index all PST files, can have separate searches and is end-user friendly. All my searches come up with Outlook add-ins. I am looking for application that is not Dependant on Outlook to operate. Cost is not much of a concern, but there is a ceiling.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can import the email in to GFI Mail Archiver. It will take PST files straight and is SQL based. That is a lot of email to be working with, so you are going to need something SQL backed to process it.

webfullcircleAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Just wrapped up setting this up.  I can't believe I did not pickup on this app since we are a reseller!?!?! This is by far the best solution for Archiving and review of multiple email databases.  Question answered.
webfullcircleAuthor Commented:
This is a complete solution to my question.
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