How to migrate from In-Proc to State Server for sessions?

Right now I have a project that is using In-Proc to hold session data, but I want to migrate it to use the State Server. I know I have to put the serializable attribute on top of all my classes that are going to be stored in sessions, but the project is thousands of files big. Is there a way to run a checker to see what I have to serialize so I don't leave anything behind or forget some?
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MogalManicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could do a global search for the word SESSION (ctl-shift-f in visual studio).

You could create a FACADE class (, and only allow classes that implement IsSerializable interface.  Once you are sure you have everything, you can delete the changes. (If you don't delete them it wont create any problem, the amount of overhead we are adding is minimal)
BBIT_DKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure that there are any easy way around the [Serializable] tag.

maybe you can use this link:
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