Random Windows exclamation sound

In the past 2 to 3 weeks one of my Win XP Pro SP3 workstations has been sounding the Windos exclamation sound at random times. Event viewer shows nothing at that time, but I found instructions for auditing the Windows Media folder to make sound events hopefully show in EV.
Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
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Is the user browsing a website? I found there is a couple ads out there that play the annoying sound, i couldn't figure out what it was for a while but then finally found it
Maybe your computer just wants attention :)

This may be way off, but I will suggest it, since it has happened to me.  Did you have any Internet Browsing windows open, at the time you've heard the sound?   I kept hearing this annoying sound, came at random times throughout the day.  There did not seem to be any set interval between the sound, and it happened like 10 times in 4 hours.  Turns out it was a live chat invite from Internet Explorer.  It was on one of the big computer manufacturer's web page, I forget who (HP, or Acer).  Other times I have IE windows open in the background, and I'll be doing something totally different for an hour, and a video will just start playing.  IF you dont have IE or Firefox etc. open, then....  nevermind :)
test with assigning another sound to the attention !

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ecaditAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the suggestions. I have tested by activating auditing on the Windows/Media directory. Nothing popped out as coincindental to the times that the sound happened. I also used procmon to do the sam ething with the same inconclusive reults. Task Manager tells me nothing also.
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