User receiving Outlook meeting requests without the organizer selecting that user

I have a user that is receiving all the meeting requests for sent from another user every time that user sends a request. The receiving user is never apart of the senders request. The clients are running Outlook 2003/ 2002, and there accounts are on a Exchange 2003 server. Where do I start looking to figure this out?
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JustWorkingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it possible she is a delegate of one of the recipients to the original request?  ie if Joe send a meeting request to Sam, Mary and Steve she might be a delegate of Sam, Mary and Steve not just Joe.
In their Outlook check Tools > Options then the Delegates Tab. There is an option there to send meeting requests and responses to my delegates.
knada242Author Commented:
Under the delegates tab other users are listed besides her, and the option to send meeting requests to my delegates is unchecked. The other users are not receiving the meeting requests.
knada242Author Commented:
I think I will remove any instance I find of her as a delegate and see what happens.
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