Recent Unable to Add Computers to domain and kgbt security log failures

Lost my Backup DC 2003 server so I Extended SBS2003 AD forest and domain to support 2008 server.  ran ntdsutil to remove the missing server from the domain.  After adding a windows 2008 server to AD and as a BDC with DNS services, I am unable to add any windows xp or server 2003/2008 computer to the domain.  In conjunction with this on the SBS PDC I have been received kgbt machine and user 675 and 680 pre-authentication errors (I assume they are related to machines/users trying to authenticate against the domain) which is probably why I can't add the new machines to the domain.  OF note, the new machines can see the PDC and BDC with the PDC listed first.  I have also tried changing the order and listing only the PDC and/or only the BDC.
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how are you joining these machines to begin with? the connectcomputer way?
also, give an ipconfig /all of the server + that client machine.
BSL43Author Commented:
Actually, I have been able to make some progress by removing the W2K8 Server from the DHCP DNS list.  This has enabled me to join the computers to the domain using ConnectComputer.  I will be testing the direct way later this morning.  The ipconfig /all shows a correct address and the DNS servers as listed in the DHCP server on the client machine.  On the server it shows the correct address and the fixed dns servers for the domain for that NIC.
BSL43Author Commented:
Thanks for your help.  it is mostly resolved for now.
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