I am in a training environment and my upgrade to Exchange 2007 SP1 32 bit fails - Suggestions??

I have an Exchange 2007 32 bit trial system installed in a non-production training environment. The trial has expired but it still works fine, other then an annoying expiration message.

I tried upgrading to the 32 bit SP1 package and it did not run. The server roles I am running (Mailbox, Client Access, Hub transport, and Management tools) were grayed out. The error message said Please select one or more server roles before continuing. I am unable to proceed at this point.

The posts on this site suggested trying running setup form the command line. I tried doing a Setup: /mode upgrade. This ran partially then failed. I have attached the error file, but am unable to determine why it failed. There are some references to licenses, but I am not sure if that caused the failure.

My questions are:

1. Does anyone know if the expiration of the Exchange 2007 trail is causing the failure?

2. Any suggested workarounds other then installing from the Exchange 2007 trial and then the SP1 upgrade from scratch.

All comments are appreciated. Thank you for your help :).

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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you can upgrade an expired server.
You will need to remove Exchange completely and install fresh from the SP1 media.

CMB25Author Commented:
Had to ghost back to image of ADS server before the Exchange 2007 trial pre SP1 was installed.  Also had to run Setup /PrepareAD after installation. Thank you for your help on this one.
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