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Will changing the "Default location for PST files" in the Outlook GPO effect .OST files?

I am getting ready to introduce a new GPO to control AutoArchive within Outlook in the organization. I have a few questions that i cannot find answers regarding some Outlook 2003 GPO's;
1 - Will changing "Default location for .PST files" effect the .OST files? An article here ( http://windowsitpro.com/article/articleid/48228/changing-the-default-location-for-ost-and-pst-files.html ) states a registry change will change the location of both the pst and ost, and i do not want that.
2 - Will this also change the location of the archive.pst since it falls under the default location of .pst files (assuming no archive.pst is present)?
3 - Will this MOVE existing .pst files from the default location to the new one?

I am trying to test these settings to get the answers i need, but I cannot find the time to do so. I cannot seem to find the correct Zone (Zone search feature finds nothing for "Group Policy"). Feel free to re-zone this question.
1 Solution
I haven't used Outlook 2003 GPOs in some time, but if I recall correctly from when I did use them:

1.  Yes, it affects both.  You are basically changing the typical "userprofile path" that points to their local profile folders to another location.  It'd be worded better to say "Default location for Outlook Data files".

2.  Yes, if it doesn't already exist

3.  No..existing PST files will stay where they are

Don't hold my feet to the fire on the above, but that's how I recall it.
mhdcommunicationsAuthor Commented:
1,2 + 3 are correct, unfortunately. Thanks for the confirmation.

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