VPN/Terminal Services under SBS 2008

I'm looking for a way to allow remote users to connect to our SBS 2008 machine and have a default share mapped so all documents remain in the same place whether they are local or remote.

On the LAN, all users have the files and folders that they need access to mapped to Z:\ drive and their permissions set accordingly.

How can I achieve the same remotely? Do I need to set up a VPN or can this be done via Remote Access? What licenses do I need for the solution on top of the existing client licenses (do I need extra TS licenses?)

Many thanks
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If it's only files they need you could create a VPN to the SBS 2008 server, and they will be able to connect to the shared drive.
I guess your are talking about laptop users? or also users with an internal PC?
If they also have an internal pc you can use Remote Web Workspace.
Terminal services directly to an SBS server is NOT possible (only for admins), you'll need a separate TS server for that, with seperate licenses ... which could turn out to be much more expensive then the two previous solutions.

for an overview of SBS remote options, check this site (it's sbs 2003, but sbs 2008 is about the same):
for specific sbs 2008 remote access, check: http://sbs.editme.com/remote2008
bboitanoAuthor Commented:
Extra info : looking at about 15 users, no more than 5 concurrently if it helps.
bboitanoAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the quick reply. I am talking about laptop users with no internal PC.

Are VPN access licenses covered by the standard client access license. In other words if I have 20 CALs, I can have 5 users in the office, and 15 remotely and I don't need anything else?

Thank you for your links - I'm looking at them now,
yes, vpn licences are covered, you only need the standard SBS CALs.
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