External Exchange 03 OWA not working after external IP address change

Our organization just recently changed external IP addresses. Our OWA used to function without SSL prior to this, but after the change it does not work externally, only internally. Where do I go to change the external IP address so that OWA will function externally again. Is this a setting within IIS on the Exchange server or is this a router table issue?
Our Exchange server is only configured with a local IP address and I believe the router routes internal and external traffic to it. I do not know how to configure the routing tables if this is the solution.
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tntmaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So then it's probably a routing problem. Check your routers and firewall.
It sounds like the problem is on your firewall. You will need to make sure that you are allowing traffic to port 80 and 443 back to your OWA server. If you can get there internally, then it should not be an IIS issue.
Are you accessing it by DNS name (http://domain.com/exchange) or by external IP address? Can you access it directly with the new external IP? If yes, but not by domain, then DNS was not updated. This needs to be done on the authoritative DNS server for the domain, which may or may not be your domain DNS server.

My guess is that it was not updated after the change. You also might need to change some rules on the router, but check on this first.
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hyyjmw2Author Commented:
I have tried to access it by domain name and actual IP address, but i cannot connect either way.
hyyjmw2Author Commented:
I will contact my Network Engineer and check the Routing. I will update as necessary on steps taken.
hyyjmw2Author Commented:
My network engineer will check our routers.
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