spamassassin with directadmin and exim not working anymore

First to start off I'm not a linux expert at all this is why I'm using directadmin to manage my email accounts. For over a year this box hasn't had any problems with delivering emails its always worked and has been handling 15-20 email addresses filtering out spam no problem. Starting sunday all mail being sent was never making it to the mailboxes. It wasn't until I disabled spamassassin that mail started working just fine again. I tried removing the .spamassassin/spam folder and let it recreate it but now that its done that when I enable spamassassin no spam is being redirected there as it was before and once again emails don't make it to the mailboxes until spamassassin is shut off again. Please help
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elusivediscAuthor Commented:
The box was infected with a rootkit that changed the permissions of the /tmp directory which caused the problem.
Based on the amount of time you've already spent on this, I'd recommend switching to a managed anti-spam product, which will give you a better ROI. I recommend outsourcing almost everything. You will typically have the product or service managed by experts, and due to economies of scale, cheaper than you can do it yourself.
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