Why is record navigation working differently in Access 2007?


It has come to my attention that the built-in record navigation buttons in an Access 2007 form are working differently that those in Access 2003.  In Access 2003, one could click "next record", and hold down the mouse button and the records would browse forward in rapid-fire fashion for as long as the mouse button was held down.  In Access 2007 (same database), one has to click "next record" each and every time you want to advance to the next record.  Is this a difference in Access versions, or is this an Access or a Windows mouse setting, or what?  Thanks for your help!

Glenn FordSr Applications ProgrammerAsked:
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You are quite correct that this is a change in Access 2007, I have also check MS website but there are no references to it there. It looks like a bug / pain in the neck to me.
Cheers, Andrew
This might be to facilitate the NavigationCaption property.
You could create your own but these tend to be messy and also difficult to control.
Probably best to access and type in the recordnumber instead
Cheers, Andrew
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

The hotkey for moving to the next record is Cntrl-PageDown(Up)

(This can be held down for the "Rapid Fire" effect.)


Glenn FordSr Applications ProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Text and boag!  Your answers were both very helpful!  Very glad to know of the keyboard shortcut.
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