Exchange 2007 / 2003 looping vs. internet email delivery


I have a catch-22 and I have not seen an answer in my research.  I have a 2003 Exchange Server and just added a 2007 server w/ hub transport.  There is 1 RGC setup between the 2003 and 2007 server so I should not need to add a link-state suppression registry entry.  The email is working between the 2 servers and I can receive external email (from the Internet) on the exchange 2007 server.  When I added a send connector on the 2007 server I was able to get email to the internet but I then started having looping errors.  As soon as the send connector was removed the looping error stopped.  On the send connector I chose to use a smart host and pointed it to my 2003 server (which is going to remian the primary server).  So I am trying to determine what I need to modify on the Exchange 2007 or 2003 server so that all smtp traffic will go out only through the 2003 exchange server.  Thank you.
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't touch the existing routing groups. Leave them alone. When you create the SMTP connector Exchange 2007 can co-exist quite happily. Keep it simple.
As long as you set the scope to entire Exchange org, and the server you want as the bridgehead Exchange will do the rest.

Ok.. let me conform the issue you want to address :
You want a set up like :

exchagne 2007 --> exchagne 2003--> Internet

is that righ...

2) is the mail flow from exch 2007 to ex2003 working ?
3) are the users on the exch 2007 able to send mails internally on exch 2007?

Let me know this and i will guide you..  ;-)


sfeder11554Author Commented:
Yes to all 3 items -
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Setting another Exchange server as a smart host was the mistake.
Do not set another Exchange server as a smart host as you cause a loop.
If you want email to go out through the Exchange 2003 server, then create an SMTP Connector on the Exchange 2003 server, with the Exchange 2003 server as the only bridgehead. Ensure the scope is set to entire org. Exchange 2007 will see that SMTP connector as a Send Connector it cannot change.

sfeder11554Author Commented:
In adding this additional smtp connector on the exchange 2003 I assume I add the new Exchange Admin Group as a connected routing group ?
On the send connector - do I use a internet connector and use the dns lookup rather than a smart host and let the system determine that the exchange 2003 server is the bridgehead for the entire organization?

Thank you.
sfeder11554Author Commented:
Once I created the external smtp connector on the exchange 2003 routing group (did not add the existing RG to the RG tab) when I went to add the send connector on the 2007 exchange box it popped up with the 2003 connector I had just put in place (probably due to it acting for the entire organization).  Thank you.
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