Requirements Recommended for Installing Isa Server

I have a network with 50 computers, what requirements should have the server where  i am going to install isa server???
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Noam_KuilboerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are MS's requirments:
But for a smooth operation i would get no less then;
Dual Core Processor (2Ghz or so)
4 GBof RAM
2x200 GB HD in a RAID 1 configuration
Something like a Dell PowerEdge R200 should be just fine
BembiConnect With a Mentor CEOCommented:
As long as ISA is really the only application on this machine, you may run fine with the MS recommendations. But it also depends a little bit from your internet bandwidth. ISA has to be able to handle this bandwidth.

I had run a 800MHz PIII with 768 MB RAM for a long time and it worked fine for a 6 MBit internet connection until I installed a mail gateway virus scanner. The virus scanner knocked out the machine.
alexinoaAuthor Commented:
Actually i have this configuration:
Cpu: amd duron 1.2 ghz
Memory: 224 mb ram

I have a 1 MBit Internet connection
Only have isa server installed and 30 pc connected to it.
That should work ..... You might want to up the RAM a little (and RAM is cheap)
But for a small Network like that you should be good to go.
Yea, that is also what I would recommend. Put it some more RAM into this machine. The OS and ISA will take the 256 MB for its own and you need a little bit for caching. 750 MB you should have, if you can.

The number of clients are not so important, as they is usually no authentication for clients. ISA does not be aware about the numbers as long as you use SecureNAT. The limitation is your external bantwidth and aas long aas this machine with deliver you external connection speed, it is ok.

An exception would only may be, if you have a high speed internet connection like ATM. In that case, just check your throughput. If you reach the maximim throughput of your line, everything is o.k.
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