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I have a Compaq nx6110 Notebook. We have about 5 of them. The one in questions is causing the AC power adapter to make some kind of ticking sound inside the AC adapter whenever connected. It sounds like a clock ticking. I tried unplugging the battery, and only having the AC power adapter plugged into the laptop as its only power source, and the sounds continue. The laptop does not receive any power. Meaning the battery does not charge, and I cannot start the laptop. I tried multiple power adapters from other nx6110 notebooks, and they all make that same sound when this laptop is connected. I also tried other batteries from other working notebooks, and still same thing.

What is this sound? Why isn't the laptop powering up?
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I'm assuming all the power adaptors have tested ok both before and after on other laptops?
If so, the laptop power adapter -- the piece inside the machine, is defective.
Warranty it, if you can.  This will entail the laptop being sent out, or a service specialist coming in, unless you can pull pieces from scrap laptops and know your way around them well.
Justicator got it.
It's either the adapter itself, or there is a short somewhere on the mobo or the DC-Jack is broken/defective. If you plug another adapter into the laptop in question and it has the same problem, it's the laptop.Careful though, i had a similar problem, and every power adapter that was plugged into the laptop went bad.
Warranty the laptop/adapter if possible. If it's the laptop, sell it on eBay and buy another one. You will spend more time/money trying to fix it than it would cost to purchase a new one. And with a new one, you get a warranty, and know the problem is gone.
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