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Hi All,

I have a script i want to run against all traffic for a single website, what is the best way to impliment this within IIS7?

So the script will need to run against all URL variations.

I had thought about changing the error 404, but thought this was a bit untidy.  Could this be achieved using ISAPI Rewrite?

Any other suggestions?
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I think ISAPI is the way to go.
Intercept All requests at the root of the site and then pass the request through and process the page.  

Yes, an error message could also do it ... you could force https or something, do your processing and then pass the request on to something/somewhere else ... but as you said, that would be "messy".  One way that this might actually pass muster is if you do this through a two site scenario.  Intercept all requests with a page cannot be found message, do your processing and then pass the request to another site.

ISAPI is probably the way to go but the other is completely free   :)
detox1978Author Commented:
I have Helicon ISAPI Rewrite 3 installed for another site, which I managed to get working (eventually).

Do you know what the code i would need to put in would be?
detox1978Author Commented:
Here is the application notes;


Still lots on what to put....
detox1978Author Commented:
worked it out... :)
I'm glad you got it working ... getting the re-write rules right is the hardest part of the process  :)
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