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Cisco router to check source address for routing

I have 2811 and 2621 routers that I am working with.  I would like to be able to route a particular workstation to a different gateway of last resort to test out a new firewall.  All other systems should go the current firewall which is the existing gateway of last resort.

Here's what the router table should look like (if possible):

Source          Mask                            Destination             Mask                   Next Hop
---------          ---------                        --------------            ---------               ---------------                                                

As you can see, I want to use (new firewall) while all others should continue to use the existing firewall at    

I know that the XP workstation can have its local route table modified, but I would prefer to handle this at the router as it is going to expand to many workstations as I migrate them over to the new firewall.

Any suggestions?  Thank you!
1 Solution
This should do it:

access-list 10 permit host

route-map internet permit 10
match ip address 10
set ip default next-hop

interface fa0/1                   <--connected to LAN
 ip policy route-map internet

When you want to route other workstations to the new Firewall, simply add an entry for the source IP to access-list 10 in this example.
DilbertW01Author Commented:
Dead-on answer!!!!  Worked great!  Thank you for the fast response and great answer!

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